Urka was born from the need for a slightly messy family to put in order the many questions and perplexities that arise when it turns out that their routine will change forever with the arrival of a new life!

We then collected the answers to the doubts we had when we found out that we would become parents. We have condensed all the useful information in this online project with unique products and services dedicated to mothers and families always in a hurry.

Urka is designed for those who do not have time to consult all the manuals on pregnancy, childbirth and childcare and want to get straight to the point. Urka is for those who want an answer, without getting lost in a thousand opinions. Urka is for those who prefer to avoid the queue in the shop and love to shop online. Urka is for those who love artisan and eco-sustainable products. Urka is for those who do not have time to get lost in telephone calls, e-mails, ISEE documents and requests for support and leave at patronage counters.

You will find everything you need to know and what you really need to buy when you wait for a child, thus avoiding waste, wrong purchases and waste of precious time.

Urka is more than a guide, it’s the convenience of having everything you need, in one click.

Discover the Urka universe!